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  • High Precision Bearing Support

    High Precision Bearing Support

    Bearing Support is a kind of large and oversized bearing seat which can accept comprehensive load and special structure. It has the characteristics of compact structure, sensitive rotation and convenient maintenance of the device.Where there is a bearing, there is a support point. The inner support point of the bearing is the shaft, and the outer support is often called the bearing seat.

  • High Quality Guide Wheel Used For Prefabricated Construction Machinery

    High Quality Guide Wheel Used For Prefabricated Construction Machinery

    The Guide Wheel is an important part used in assembly construction machinery.In the production line, it is mainly used for the guide transportation and support of the die table. The installation method of the ground walking wheel should be decided according to the situation on the site — embedding H steel or installing the display board.

  • High Quality Forging Flange

    High Quality Forging Flange

    Flange also known as Flange Flange plate.Flange is a shaft and shaft connected parts, used for the connection between the pipe ends;It is also useful for the flange on the inlet and outlet of equipment for the connection between two devices.

  • High Precision Forging Gear for Machinery and Auto Parts

    High Precision Forging Gear for Machinery and Auto Parts

    Gear refers to the gear on the rim of the continuous meshing transmission of movement and power of the mechanical components, by the gear tooth, tooth groove, end face, normal face, tooth top circle, tooth root circle, base circle, dividing circle and other parts, it is widely used in mechanical transmission and the whole mechanical field.

    The role of the gear is mainly to transmit power, it can transfer the rotation of a shaft to another shaft, different gear combination can play a different role, can realize the mechanical deceleration, growth, change direction and reversing action, basically mechanical devices are inseparable from the gear.

    There are many kinds of gears. According to the classification of gear shaft, it can be divided into three types: parallel shaft gear, intersecting shaft gear and staggered shaft gear. Among them, parallel shaft gear also includes spur gear, helical gear, internal gear, rack and helical rack, etc.Intersecting shaft gears have straight bevel gears, arc bevel gears, zero bevel gears, etc.The staggered shaft gear has staggered shaft helical gear, worm gear, hypoid gear and so on.